A trivium is a point where three roads converge. Our team is led by 3 principals, each with a different set of skills, but there is one point where they all meet—at the intersection of story, technology, and experience. To us, really good media exhibits are the result of a contained collision of all three of these things.

Between the three principals, we have almost fifty years of experience designing, creating, and producing interactive exhibits!

Jill Domenici
Principal, Director of Strategy

Jill excels at creating opportunities where people can find emotional connections to the topic at hand—particularly art, architecture and design. As an interpretive strategist who specializes in media exhibits, she ensures the main message of the experience is kept in the forefront of the team’s mind and reflected in the exhibits. Furthermore, she is adept at identifying and seeking out new opportunities and partnerships for the Trivium team.

Bruce Spero
Principal, Creative Director

Bruce’s background in theater design, film production, software development, and educational messaging have all merged to help him develop a unique, holistic approach that communicates emotional stories to visitors. And his 17 years experience designing and building rich media installations and immersive experiences enable him to tackle any technological issue. Creative director, programmer, photographer, juggler... Bruce’s unique blend of skills helps him intrepidly guide Trivium’s creative team.

Kirsten Holmes
Principal, Executive Producer

Kirsten leads our project management team, doubling as a creative director. She has extensive experience in ideating, developing, and producing immersive experiences and interactive media while simultaneously managing software teams, clients, and budgets. She is adept at delivering complex, quality projects on time and with a keen eye for details. She offers inventive solutions to software and hardware challenges and a unique, memorable approach to engineering the visitor experience.

Dylan Agis
Interactive Developer

Dylan is an accomplished programmer with a background in game development. A graduate of Becker College, he has a degree in Interactive Media. Before joining the Trivium team, Dylan programmed games for Mass DiGi, the Worcester EcoTarium, and Wizdy. He is proficient in Unity and C#, among others. Dylan enjoys translating his gaming experience into informal learning experiences for visitors at museums and visitor centers.

Alexandra Beuscher
Project Manager & Content Producer

Alex is an interdisciplinary writer, researcher, and project manager. She holds a BA in Literature and Creative Writing from Connecticut College, and an MA in Design History and Material Culture from the Bard Graduate Center. Alex uses words, objects, and interactive media to tell stories about history and culture.

Kyle Cabral
Quality Assurance Lead

A graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, Kyle actively leads all quality assurance at Trivium. He is an integral part of the Trivium team, as he oversees our rigorous protocol of testing and fine tuning each exhibit before it leaves our shop, and coordinates final testing on site. With a computer science degree coupled with hardware experience, he is adept in identifying and troubleshooting both hardware and software issues.

Kevin Egan
Interactive Developer

Kevin join's Trivium's interactive development team with a wealth of gaming experience. A graduate in Game Programming from Champlain College, Kevin is facile in a number of programming languages and development tools. He is most interested in “network programming” or “net-code.” Kevin interfaces directly with our interactive design team to help develop engaging exhibit experiences for museums, visitor centers, zoos and aquaria. And, in his free time he engages in competitive video game tournaments (e-sports).

Jodie Garner
Graphic Design

Jodie is an active member of Trivium’s graphic and visual experience design team. With an academic background in game art and animation, she can often be found sketching characters, props, or other elements of our interactives. And she is facile with physical tools as well, having worked as a Maker Lab Technician at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center.

Emily Harnedy
Production Coordinator

Emily has always been passionate about creating engaging interactive experiences. With a formal education in video game development and a drive to make learning fun, Emily brings energy and enthusiasm to every project on which she works. A certified Scrum Master, Emily is exceptionally organized and detail oriented. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients and internal team members to craft a unified vision for any creative project on which she works. 

Adam Kelley
Director of Visual Experience Design

For over a decade Adam has been illustrating, designing, and art directing interactive media for the museum and educational interactive industry. From scientific concepts to animated cartoons for younger audiences, he has had the privilege of creating fun and entertaining interactives that combine his passions: science, art, and education. He collaborates directly with our interactive and graphic designers to guide and produce stellar experiences.

Tracy Liu
Associate Producer

Tracy is a multidisciplinary researcher, producer, and designer passionate about stories told at the intersection of technology and people. She has an MA in Museum Studies from NYU with an academic background in biology and art. Her interests in public engagement with digital interactive experiences have led her from children's museums to natural history museums to Trivium, where she now enjoys helping creative projects come to life.

Audrey Mercadante
Graphic Designer

Audrey comes to Trivium with an academic background in historic preservation, experiential design, and graphic design. She supports our design department in the development of graphic user interfaces, working closely with Trivium’s programming and creative teams. With an additional interest in web design, she enjoys translating experiences from physical environments to media-based ones. 

Kristen Oney
Senior Interactive Designer

Kristen is an award-winning graphic designer who has worked in both the non profit and the for profit sectors. She is a multi-faceted visual artist with an intrinsic grasp of how to collaborate directly with programmers to create the best user experience. She is equally adept at both facilitating teams and working on them. Kristen is also closely involved in designing, developing, and overseeing Trivium’s internal graphics workflow and other design-based processes.

Stephen Read
Director of Interactive Development

Stephen is an integral part of Trivium’s creative team, as he works alongside UX designers and content developers to guide the overall technical development of our interactive exhibits. Stephen’s degrees in Interactive Media Design and Business Administration showcase his dual competencies, and result in an enthusiasm for creating the best possible visible experience. Stephen also oversees workflow and software development processes, streamlining, refining and honing the Trivium approach.

Andrew Simmons
Hardware Technician

Andrew is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology and he is the backbone of Trivium’s hardware support system. He is equally comfortable with both hardware and software, and even more so the intersection of the two. Andrew is extremely attentive to technical detail and can easily accommodate the needs of both our software team and our clients, ensuring all Trivium-supplied hardware is functioning correctly.

Trivium’s trusted partners include:

IMG_5217 (1).JPG

Beth Sternheimer
Beth is a producer, project manager, and researcher, known for embracing the creative process while keeping projects efficient and focused. With a background in history and first-person storytelling, she creates media experiences for museums and non-profit institutions. Beth also produces independent documentaries for PBS and other outlets, and she was nominated for a national Emmy Award for Outstanding Research.


Laura Fronius
Laura is one of our freelance project managers. Her experience in interactive production has allowed her to work with venues all across the country for almost a decade. Whether it’s producing films, advising exhibit design and functionality, scheduling, content research, or final installation, she knows multimedia exhibitry inside and out. Laura’s goal is to have complete clarity with client and internal project communication and she thrives in working collaboratively with teams.


Natalie Zanecchia
Natalie is a graphic designer specializing in storytelling to create interpretive exhibits, wayfinding systems, brand experiences, graphic identities, and print. Combining an academic background in graphic design with professional experience in three dimensional environments and multimedia exhibits, she creates innovative, content driven design solutions that speak to diverse audiences locally, nationally, and internationally.


YC Lin
Ya Chun is a software programmer extraordinaire. She has programmed hundreds of interactives for museums and visitors centers worldwide. With her broad technical skillset and her keen eye for UI, she is an asset on any team. Ya Chun has a MEd from BU in Media and an advanced certificate in Multimedia and Technical Writing from Harvard.

Pete Does
Pete is an accomplished Senior Audio Video Integration Technician with over 25 years of experience. His knack for troubleshooting complicated issues, combined with his self-motivations and proactive nature, make him an extremely desirable addition to any AV team. Pete’s attention to detail and customer service skills allow him to identify customer needs, develop solutions, and deliver results.

Sarah P. Morris
Sarah is a content developer and copywriter adept at conveying complex concepts to a varied audience. Sarah handles all aspects of exhibition content, from identifying interpretive themes through developing detailed content outlines to writing the final text. As a generalist, Sarah relishes the diversity of interpretive design. She also enjoys collaborating, both with clients and with the creative team, including exhibit designers, architects, and media producers.


Marty Johnson
Marty is a writer/producer whose career spans educational media, comedy and documentary-style programming. Recently, her work screened nationally on PBS ("The Salinas Project"), entertained live theater audiences ("Banned in Boston") and informed zoo-goers (Indy Zoo). Marty’s work has been showcased by the Writers Guild East and has been selected by the Austin Film Festival and NYTVF, among other honors.