Trivium was launched because we firmly believe that every client (large or small, nonprofit or for profit) has a right to engaging media-based experiences, at a palatable price point.

Some people call what we do experiential design. Sometimes we call it that too. But, our main focus is on co-designing experiences with the right team members. We just happen to focus on the more technical stuff. Together, we are all experience designers.

Trivium creates unique media-based experiences for clients of all types. We design, develop, and execute, and we do so by collaborating closely with exhibit designers, fabricators, AV integrators, and even other media producers.

We are small and nimble, and frankly, we like it that way. We can expand and contract our team size based on the project, and we can fill in the nooks, crannies, and in-between spaces that you might not have even known needed someone tending to them.

Because let's face it, you knew that you needed someone to think specifically about that one media thing, right?

Every client is different. Every story is different. Every process is different. We know this, and we embrace it. And we care that this might be the one shot our clients get to tell their stories. We want to make it right, and we care more about that than about going home at 5pm on the dot every day.


Trivium Interactive LLC
135 Lewis Wharf
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

(617) 681-4599

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