Headwaters River Journey

Winter Park, CO
Where does your water come from? Do you know? The new Headwaters River Journey at the Headwaters Center encourages visitors to think about every drop of water. Starting with a 270-degree projected immersive experience, meandering down the Fraser River alongside brown trout, seeing water diversion in action at the Moffat Tunnel, and ending as an osprey gliding majestically over the Continental Divide, visitors of all ages explore where water comes from, how we use it, and if there will always be a reliable supply. Trivium Interactive collaborated closely with ECOS Communications to design and develop this thoughtful and transcending experience.


Eagle Passage at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Tacoma, WA
Saving endangered species depends on the actions of...you! What will you do to help protect wildlife? This unique outdoor kiosk encourages visitors to the new “Eagle Passage” to think about how they may take action. Protecting pollinator species, keeping our air clean, and reducing ocean plastic pollution...each of these are commitments individuals can make that will add up. Visitors select the cause that speaks to them, are given a series of pledges from which they can choose, and then see their pledges tallied in a whimsical dynamic display. Additionally, they can learn more about how the bald eagle was brought back from the brink of extinction.


Mascot Hall of Fame

Whiting, IN
The Mascot Hall of Fame explores the history of our beloved sports mascots and challenges visitors to see if they have what it takes to be one! Mascot shenanigans abound...shoot a t-shirt gun at the crowd, record yourself dancing on the field, and design your own mascot. Before you leave, you can even become a mascot at “Mascot You.” Trivium Interactive collaborated with Jack Rouse Associates, Chicago Scenic Studios, Electrosonic and Northern Light Productions on this wacky, fun experience!


Harbor Way for Skanska

Boston, MA
In May of 2016, as Skanska was breaking ground for the building at 121 Seaport, they uncovered a terrestrial shipwreck. The schooner was excavated before construction re-started, but the story remained a local fascination. Working with Copley Wolff and Amaze Design, Skanska planned and designed a park to interpret the story of the schooner and the history of Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. The Harbor Way App and Portal encourage visitors to the park to explore the content on their own terms, either through the Portal’s touchscreen or by downloading the App. The App is tied to various sites in the park, and as visitors move from station to station, they can access additional content via augmented reality. In this way, the story of the Seaport Schooner comes to life.


Create Your Own Candy Bar at Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey, PA
In this one-of-a-kind experience at Hershey’s Chocolate World, visitors can design their dream candy bar, watch it be produced in real-time, and create a custom package with their name and endless graphic possibilities! Collaborating with GES Automation Technology as the AV integrator, Trivium re-imagined the visitor journey, adding new components and upgrading the existing functionality. We led the overall media design, graphic approach, system architecture, database design, installation, and testing of this unique immersive space.


Corporate Experience Center at PTC

Boston, MA
PTC’s new CXC showcases digital transformation using real-world case studies to explore PTC’s industrial technology offerings. Through these case studies, visitors see how various solutions will help their companies innovate and evolve. Aside from the pods, which use a blend of AR and moving graphics, Trivium also produced the “Schooner Experience,” an interactive art installation with augmented reality that celebrates the history of Boston and digital transformation over time. We collaborated with a talented multi-faceted team to develop this experience, working directly with Amaze Design.

1 West at The Walters Art Museum

Baltimore, MD
This 19th-century mansion, situated in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon district, has been part of The Walters Art Museum’s collection for years. However, it recently re-opened after a multi-year restoration that changed the entire visitor experience. In recent years, new scholarship came to light that offers a more comprehensive history of the house, including its ties to Baltimore and some of its inhabitants, who were enslaved people. The 1 West App is multi-vocal, interpreting multiple strands and layers of history and allowing visitors to explore the house on their own terms, switching through themes and eras as they move from room to room. Augmented reality adds to the experience, as certain parts of the house come to life.


The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and the Humanities at Simmons University

Boston, MA
Trivium collaborated with Natalie Zanecchia and 42 Design | Fab to develop this immersive timeline experience that calls attention to major milestones in the life and career of Gwen Ifill, one of Simmons’s most accomplished alumni. At the “QuoteSnap” interactive station, prospective students, students, staff, and visitors, are matched with a quote by Ifill and are then encouraged to take their picture and share it in the display. The Ifill exhibit experience spans the major hallway of the new Gwen Ifill College and is a regular reminder to students of the curious, strong, and truthful spirit that Simmons cultivated in Gwen. Trivium collaborated with Ellenzweig, Natalie Zanecchia, and 42 Design | Fab on this project.


Engineering Lab at Connecticut Science Center

Hartford, CT
Discover what it takes to be an engineering hero! Trivium developed 3 interactives that encourage visitors to solve real-world problems using the five engineering disciplines. In Rotorcraft Challenge, visitors design specialized helicopters for missions to rescue stranded hikers, repair damaged oil rigs, and put out raging forest fires. In Program the Mars Rover, visitors use software programming skills to drive a vehicle around Mars and collect scientific samples. And, finally, in Hero Stories, animated guides lead visitors through a series of simulated disaster scenarios that can only be solved with engineering expertise. STEM has never looked so fun!


The Hall of Luminaries at WPI

Worcester, MA
The Luminary Award celebrates WPI’s long history of theory and practice by recognizing those who have brought about the most extraordinary accomplishments to society. As part of the exhibit experience, Trivium created the “Luminary Circle,” which allows visitors to explore the inaugural Luminaries and their achievements in a unique interactive way. By turning the outer edge of the circle, they can navigate through the projected content, going both forward and backward. The Circle can be updated then on a regular basis as more individuals are inducted into the Hall.


Mills Along the Blackstone at the Museum of Work & Culture

Woonsocket, RI
Trivium recently collaborated with Content Design Collaborative to create this updated exhibition where visitors can explore both the people and mills that have made Woonsocket’s communities over the years so vibrant. The capstone of the exhibit experience is the interactive mill table, which showcases the changing face of the city over the past 300+ years. Both exhibits can be updated regularly by Museum staff using an on-line content management system.


Drinks, Dining, and Debate at Wit’s End

Cambridge, MA
Trivium developed an inter-connected experience for patrons to this new resto-bar in Inman Square. We programmed and produced a series of interactive displays which connect directly to a loyalty app, allowing Wit’s End to welcome patrons by name as they enter the doors. And, a social media feed pulls from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, showcasing the most up-to-date discourse! Finally, the establishment can update their menu, trivia questions, and more by using the easy-to-navigate content management system.


SeaChange at Mystic Seaport

Mystic, CT
In this groundbreaking modern exhibit experience, ten key artifacts from the institution’s collections explore the theme of transformation from over the past two hundred years. Some of these artifacts have never been on display before, and each is accompanied by an evocative and timeless media presentation. The large 20-foot sail at the beginning of the exhibition was painstakingly projection-mapped by Trivium and sets the stage for the theme of “seachange” that visitors will find throughout the experience. Trivium collaborated with Mystic Scenic Studios, Palley Consulting, and designers The McMillan Group to develop this alluring new exhibition.


Weird & Wonderful You at Mystic Aquarium

Mystic, CT
This fun and funky exhibition allows visitors a ‘beneath-the-depths’ glimpse of the weird and wonderful creatures who inhabit our oceans. At the “Weird & Wonderful You!” station, visitors morph into an octopus or a paddlefish, and later see their animal avatars swimming around a virtual fishtank. And unsuspecting aquarium-goers are in for a scary treat at “From the Deep,” as they come face to face with some of the most mysterious ocean creatures, such as the sperm whale, the goblin shark, and the angler fish. Like magic, they ascend from the depths on an 80-inch monitor masked with a scrim, before swimming off, leaving a trail of bubbles and fun facts in their wake.


Lost Ski Areas at the New England Ski Museum

North Conway, NH
Avid skiers and many New Englanders all have fond memories of their favorite ski area. Many of well-loved resorts have changed over the years, or disappeared. This interactive experience allows visitors to explore all the ski areas throughout New England, traveling through time via the timeline slider to see skiing through the ages. Some entries have more information than others, and visitors can spend time flipping through images and learning more about certain resorts. As new ski areas emerge, or existing ones disappear, the interactive can be easily updated. Trivium collaborated with The Square Office, HER Design, Object Idea, and 42 Design | Fab on this project.


125 Summer Street Lobby

Boston, MA
Working with Boston-based creative studio LLM Design, Trivium Interactive developed this 9-monitor data visualization art piece that graces the lobby of Oxford Properties ‘125 Summer Street office-building. Three different “chapters” unfold over the course of a day, slowly changing based on different data inputs. In “Transportation,” different ways commuting into the heart of the city, with 125 Summer at the center, are drawn across the screens. In “Stocks,” the rise and fall of major stocks throughout the day unfolds and collapses in a graceful ballet. And in “Twitter,” Twitter feeds from throughout the city pulse on and off the screens. Each chapter also changes hues based on the local weather, and video loops of vibrant city life can be seen in the background.


Explore-a-Saurus Interactive for Boston Children's Museum

Boston, MA
What did dinosaurs look like? Did they have feathers? Were they different colors? At this hands-on interactive station, even the youngest visitors are encouraged to become scientists as they use the evidence around them to envision their own dinosaur. Visitors spin the wheel to choose a texture (picked up by a camera feed), and then select a color on the touchscreen...and color a coelophysis in real time directly on screen. Trivium collaborated closely with the Museum’s own in-house staff to design, develop, and test this interactive before launching it as part of this traveling exhibition. 


Pack It Up, Pioneer! for the Indiana State Museum

Indianapolis, IN
The Indiana State Museum is undergoing a massive multi-phase gallery makeover. For this new 19th State gallery, visitors learn about the early history of Indiana and how the pioneers built new communities. Pack It Up is presented on a transparent touchscreen, with a covered wagon backdrop. Visitors “pack” their wagon in order to make the perilous trek across the land to their new home. As they make the difficult choice of what to pack, the items get “placed” into the accompanying covered wagon. Trivium worked under Group Delphi, and alongside the Museum’s in-house team, to develop this refreshing wagon-journey experience.


The Color Club for ARTitorium on Broadway

Idaho, ID
The Color Club, part of the ARTitorium’s refreshed Virtual Gallery space, inspires children of all ages to explore art in an open-ended manner. Different wheels sort art via color, who (artist), what (subject), when (is it old, or is it really really old?), where (with a shout out to Idaho artists!), and how (media). And, to round it all out, there is a wild category that captures other art elements and encourages exploration of lines, textures, and shapes. With six stations to choose from, visitors to at The Color Club can really master their own artful mix!


Gladys E. Kelly Public Library

Webster, MA
Webster’s new library wanted to pay homage to the original library’s founder, Chester C. Corbin, an accomplished businessman. As the Gladys E. Kelly Public Library was being built, Trivium worked closely with the Friends of the Library and Library staff to create a “magic book” wall that allows visitors to explore Webster’s pass and the story behind the original Chester C. Corbin Library. Each interactive cycles through five different chapters in Webster’s history, and each chapter contains a series of images and animations that bring that era to life.