When firms start talking about their “process,” eyes glaze over. We know this is not the sexiest part of our website. But we felt compelled to put it out there. It is a fine line to walk—being both creative and process-oriented with a singular end goal for the best user experience possible—but we’ve taken tightrope lessons!

When we design, develop, and produce media experience, we have three main principles that we abide by:

  • Content: Above all, your story needs to lead the charge. There is no other way to do it. The content informs the design, not the other way around.
  • Experience: Lets properly define the problem before we even put pen to paper. (OK, before we even start typing...we are a media firm, after all.)
  • Technology: what is the right tool for the job? Should we even be considering technology here? (As painful as it can be, we do support analog design solutions. Sometimes they just work better.)

And, we’ve packaged all of this with some pretty good people skills. And some even better project management skills.

What can you expect from us, when you work with us?

  • Leave comfort behind. The design process can be messy, and unexpected. Expect to be uncomfortable.
  • Details matter. Seriously. When content, art direction, and technology come together under solid project management, we can concentrate on the details. And this makes your experience sing.
  • Schedules are important. For many reasons, please know that we adhere to them like glue.

We could mention here a lot of buzzwords about our design iterations and our agile-influenced process, but if we haven’t already lost your attention, we are pretty sure that will do it! So we recommend instead that you head on over to OUR WORK and take a look at some of our recent projects.

Here is our call to action: We want to be your partner. Sometimes, we need to be your guide. And, we will always respect your content. Let’s do this together!