Our Process

When firms start talking about their “process,” eyes glaze over. When we design, develop, and produce media experiences, we have three main guiding lights: content, experience, and technology. Content informs the design, not the other way around. Experience lets us properly define the problem before we even put pen to paper. Technology is all the tools we need for the job. And, we’ve packaged all of this with some pretty good people skills.

Our Services

Media Design
Content Production
Storyline Planning, Research, Scripting
Image/Asset Identification and Licensing
UX/UI Design
Designing for Accessibility
2D/3D Animation & Illustration
Prototyping & User Testing
Full Stack Programming
Video Production
Studio Shoots, On-Location Filming
Quality Assurance
AV Hardware Systems Consulting
Video and Audio Editing and Finishing

Our Story

Trivium began because we firmly believe that every client (large or small, nonprofit or for profit) has a right to engaging media-based experiences, at a palatable price point. Our main focus is on co-designing and creating unique experiences for clients of all types. We design, develop, and execute, and we do so by collaborating closely with exhibit designers, fabricators, AV integrators, and even other media producers. We are a small and nimble team, and we can expand and contract based on the project needs.