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Donor & Pledge Walls

Trivium's Donor Wall is a unique way to capture visitor's pledges or display the names of your major donors! Built using a custom back-end system that your team can easily access, when used as a Donor Wall, it can be updated regularly to best reflect your current donors.

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Video Walls

Video walls are an impactful way to introduce your visitor to your institution. Highly customizable, they can have any combination of interactive and atmospheric content.

Video walls can:

  • Tell the story of your brand or institution in a compact space
  • Encourage interactivity with a variety of topics
  • Enhance your brand or mission through memorable visitor experience and digital signage offerings
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Virtual Tours

Use for tradeshows, behind the scenes tours, or anything else you’d like virtual clients or visitors to see! Our virtual tours, powered by Matterport, give your presentations a personal touch and let you embed your company’s personality into the experience. 

We use Matterport technology and work with your team to add the content. We also develop a microsite for you that can stand alone or be connected to your website. 

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