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Indiana State Fair Photobooth

Indiana Soybean Alliance

Indianapolis, IN

Trivium created a unique photo booth experience for the Indiana State Fair. Each photo booth utilizes a green screen, enabling visitors to step into a scene, with both foreground and background elements, and capture their photo. Visitors can select from four different scene designs, each created to look like a postcard and themed around Indiana’s amazing agriculture, the fair’s 10 year anniversary, and the fair’s current basketball theme. Once visitors have used the touchscreen to capture their photo, they can save their image by scanning a QR code or sending the photo to their email. To ensure an exciting new visitor experience from year to year, all of these backgrounds can be easily modified or swapped out using Trivium’s content management system (CMS).

Trivium Interactive collaborated with Museum EXP and The Indiana Soybean Alliance on this project.

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