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John S. Dyson New York Energy Zone

New York Power Authority

Utica, NY

Visitors learn about the wonders of electricity through the new hands on exhibits and interactive media at the John S. Dyson New York Energy Zone, maintained by the New York Power Authority. Here, one can explore how New York manages its power grid, and even get to manage a grid themselves! Visitors can access their RFID Power Pass at nine of the many interactive stations to complete games and earn badges to become the Power President. A mixture of immersive, touch-based, and gesture-based exhibits ensure every learning style is accommodated. Visitors can operate a drone to inspect power lines, deliver power to a neighborhood, build their own microgrid, take some photos at a pretend NYPA job site and zap their friend (virtually!) in the Future Grid, an immersive multi-user experience.

Trivium collaborated with Capitol Museum Services and Scott Wood on this project.

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