Trivium Interactive T logo

MIT Sloan School of Management Brand Wall

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

For MIT Sloan School of Management’s new lobby entrance design, Trivium collaborated with LLM Design to design a seamless branded experience that marries the physical and digital elements of the lobby installation. Trivium developed a media experience based around the goals of strengthening the School’s community, as well as expanding the reflection and representation of that community. An 86” touchscreen featuring dynamic content from MIT Sloan’s “Ideas Made to Matter” editorial website provides an engaging experience that goes beyond replicating what can be done on mobile. Using a layered approach to the media design, the interactive initially displays eye-catching editorial images and campus photography interspersed with animated colored bars that mimic the fabrication surrounding the display. A Kinect motion sensing camera tracks visitors’ movement in the space through the undulation of the same vertical bars. Visitors are prompted to “Touch a Bar, ” which triggers live "Ideas Made to Matter" web article content, as well as student and alumni profiles. A secondary, smaller screen on an adjacent wall displays top article content based on Google analytics in a looping format. 

The touchscreen experience was also designed with enhanced ADA features for interacting with the media, including a tactile navigation pad with audio description of the on-screen visuals and TTS read out of the text content. Trivium partnered with the Perkins School for the Blind to prototype and test the ADA design to produce the best accessible experience. 

This project won the 2023 American Graphic Design Award for Icon Library, Brand Guidelines, Signage, Installation, and Media Integration.

Trivium partnered with LLM Design on this project

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