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Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport

Fort Worth, TX

Trivium Interactive developed the signage system and interactive experiences for the AllianceTexas team at the remodel of the Fort Worth Airport, now branded as the Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW). Visitors can learn about the history of the airport through an extensive interactive timeline, view exciting air show videos, explore the local area, and learn about important figures in the Fort Worth community at two interactive kiosks with a large LED video wall display. All of this content can be modified and added to by AllianceTexas staff, they can also change the content that appears on multiple screens of signage with ease using Trivium’s content management system (CMS). The signage includes many templates for them to insert their content info, for example, staff can upload a video that will loop on a template along with local weather conditions for the airport. The signage varies in size from a long strip displaying AllianceAirport partners, to a curved video wall, to an expansive LED wall to showcase airport content. 

Trivium Interactive collaborated with Amaze Design on this project.

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