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Science & Innovation Center

Rivier University

Nashua, NH

The exhibits in Rivier University’s new Science and Innovation building are designed to showcase “science on display,” bringing the work being done at the University front and center. A statement-making touch and gesture wall encourages visitors to explore cutting-edge science content from a variety of science disciplines, and learn about the University’s history and mission. A video wall and interactive kiosk are located in the student lounge, featuring dynamic science and social media content, as well as a photo op where students can see themselves on the cover of a science magazine! Two monitors are mounted in the lobby; a wayfinding interactive map of the building and a dynamic student hub featuring upcoming events for student groups, images of student life, study tips, and captivating science headlines and short video clips. The building, containing state-of-the-art facilities and lab equipment, opened to students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Trivium collaborated with HB and CDA on this project.

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