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Sue S. Bancroft Women’s Leadership Gallery

Texas Woman's University

Denton, TX

Exploring fearless female leaders, these inspiring exhibits showcase women in Texas History, with a focus on gaining political parity. In one gallery, visitors access various profiles of women who have had an impact both in Texas and across the Nation, and they are given their own opportunity to become a “rising star” as they record themselves reading a speech by one of these powerful women. Visitors can also learn how to register to vote and find out who their political representatives are. In the next gallery, they can explore both election 2018 and 2020 via a unique data visualization interactive and kiosks focusing on the 2018 election at the local, state, national and judicial levels. Finally, at the interactive map, they can search through hundreds of women who have made history in Texas, see where they are from, and learn about their accomplishments.

This project won Gold at the Texas Association of Museums Annual Meeting.

Trivium collaborated with Amaze Design and DRI on this project.

Photos by SBL Architecture/Ken Myers.

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