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The Lockkeeper's House

Washington, DC

The Lockkeeper’s house is the oldest structure on the National Mall, and has witnessed all the changes around the C&O Canal, which once existed in DC. The restoration of the building was just completed and the Trivium team has recently installed a new immersive interactive experience. Told through the eyes of the house itself, the film is projected onto the historic stone walls of the structure, while interactive tablets are also available for the visitors to explore key historic locations, events, and people at their own pace. The windows of the house are covered in original illustrations that depicts historic scenes that the house once saw. We also created an accessibility-focused experience that includes a touchable model of the House as it was in 1837, touchable maps that depict the changes in landscapes, tactile navigation pads with audio descriptions, and an audio descriptive tour.

Trivium collaborated with The PRD Group, Electrosonic, EXPLUS, INC., Available Light, Barbizon Lighting Company, and Wilcox Electric on this project.

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