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Madison, WI

Trivium recently collaborated with TruStage to design a customized digital signage system for their brand new building, The Lighthouse, located in Madison, WI. The digital signage system consists of a Content Management System, complete with themed and customizable templates allowing the TruStage marketing team the flexibility of creating and presenting their own content across 10 LCD screens and 2 giant LED screens, located throughout the Lighthouse’s five floors. Trivium also created a one-of-a-kind Data as Art visualization that utilizes secure API content to show a beautifully rendered digital art-in-motion piece that reflects live data streams. In addition to the digital signage and data visualization, Trivium developed a touchscreen interactive for visitors to explore the company’s people, stories, and products. The design of the building architecture lends itself to gathering and will serve as a host location for conferences, company events and celebrations for decades to come! 

This project won the 2023 American Graphic Design Award for Signage and Environmental Graphics.

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