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You, Me, We

Boston's Children Museum

Boston, MA

Trivium Interactive worked with the Boston Children’s Museum to create 9 experiences for their new You, Me, We wing of the museum. The exhibition celebrates sharing stories, food, and music as a way to bring people together. The “10 Ways” exhibit highlights the top 10 spoken languages in Boston, including sharing various ways we say "Hello" to each other. The food exhibit shows the different cultural ways we celebrate making, sharing, and eating food. The “Hey DJ” exhibit invites visitors to become the DJ by combining popular melody and percussion tracks, as well as punchy sound effects, to create their own beats for other visitors to dance to on a reactive dance floor that pulses in time with the music.

This project won the 2024 American Alliance of Museums Award for Advancement of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion.

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