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Seaway Visitor Center

Massena, NY

Within the new Seaway Visitor Center at Eisenhower Lock, visitors discover the immense importance of locks in water navigation, and the extensive and efficient use of cargo ship transportation within the St. Lawrence Seaway. Interactive exhibits include two immersive 4 monitor experiences, complete with 3D modeled graphics, where visitors use a steering wheel and throttle to navigate their ship through river rapids or into the Eisenhower Lock. Visitors can also see what types of resources cargo ships carry by pulling a monitor along a track in front of a model ship and getting an “x-ray” view inside. Using a touch screen monitor, visitors can interact with live ship tracking data. They’re able to view a map of the globe and select the many ships they see moving across the screen. Additionally, touch screen and spin dial exhibits focus on the materials produced and consumed in the Seaway region, as well the immense holding power of cargo ships.

Trivium collaborated with Hadley Exhibits on this project.

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