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G&W Electric Product Kiosks

G&W Electric

Bolingbrook, IL

G&W Electric is a leader in the energy transmission and distribution market in the manufacture and sale of electrical grid equipment. They frequently exhibit at premier domestic and international tradeshows within the energy sector. The exhibitions include floor models of their equipment, for which they previously advertised specifications on the sales floor with printed signage. To enhance the technology and customer experience in their booth, Trivium developed an interactive product kiosk that customers could explore both independently or facilitated by a G&W product leader to learn about the features, ratings, and applications of each product displayed in the booth. Customers can view G&W products by category, and then by subcategory to narrow the distribution solution they are interested in. The kiosk program features a robust custom content management system that allows G&W to add, update and organize all content related to their product lines. The kiosks are also configurable offline for the exhibit floor team to choose the main landing page of each physical kiosk instance to match the product at which they are placed.

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