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125 Summer Street Lobby

125 Summer Street

Boston, MA

Working with Boston-based creative studio LLM Design, Trivium Interactive developed this 9-monitor data visualization art piece that graces the lobby of Oxford Properties ‘125 Summer Street office-building. Three different “chapters” unfold over the course of a day, slowly changing based on different data inputs. In “Transportation,” different ways commuting into the heart of the city, with 125 Summer at the center, are drawn across the screens. In “Stocks,” the rise and fall of major stocks throughout the day unfolds and collapses in a graceful ballet. And in “Twitter,” Twitter feeds from throughout the city pulse on and off the screens. Each chapter also changes hues based on the local weather, and video loops of vibrant city life can be seen in the background.

Trivium collaborated with LLM Design on this project.

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